Meet the Founder.

Hi, I'm Zack, founder of InkLabs! As a former tattoo artist, I understand firsthand the importance of proper aftercare to keep tattoos looking vibrant and fresh. Throughout my years as an artist, clients would often ask me "What should I use on my new ink?" or "Why does my tattoo look faded?" This inspired me to create a line of premium, natural skincare products specifically formulated to care for tattoos.

How I created Inklabs.

After experimenting with different organic ingredients in my own home kitchen, I developed a gentle, soothing collection of creams, ointments, and cleansers. Using my background knowledge of tattoo aftercare techniques, I carefully crafted formulations that nourish, hydrate, and protect tattoos while avoiding harsh chemicals that can be damaging.

My Goal.

My goal with InkLabs is to provide a worry-free aftercare routine that keeps tattoos as vibrant as the day they were done. I want people to be able to enjoy their body art for years to come, without having to get frustrating touch-ups. That's why I only use gentle, non-irritating ingredients designed to moisturize skin and lock in color.

As a tattoo enthusiast myself, I know how much thought and meaning goes into choosing the perfect design. At InkLabs, our products help you maintain that design for the long haul. I take pride in creating an aftercare line that I would confidently use on my own tattoos. We can't wait to be a part of your ink journey!